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Mar 5, 2014 10:00am PST
correspondent him and then reports. south korea's defense ministry said wednesday that the previous day's rocket launchers were a politician of us to katie calls for resolutions. as the north did not notify any one of the defendant events and the missiles jeopa airliner flying to north korean airspace. this is a violation of un skirted council resolutions and have threatened the safety of a commercial airliner. congrats to stop his publications on them by spain's national standards. defense ministry spokesperson to mean so labelled the losses as explicit acts of aggression against a series of ongoing military exercises by south korea and the us. adding vessels keeping a close watch on the possibility of additional publications to come. the missiles which were re kindle two ballistic missiles and those resources in south korea so where does that. the north passed around a hundred of the muscles in his arsenal. the missiles to live up to four hundred tokens explosives and chemical weapons and dozens of missiles can be watched in minutes. the kindle two has amassed a rate of under seventy km h and
Feb 27, 2014 10:00am PST
we get fired up and we've been told it could be seen. south korean defense minister that they can and philip are believed to have a read of some two hundred km. many people be spending a lot but in response to the ongoing health cover yet you live through it to the street to help auditorium can and cannot be dated to the period thirty four that are prepared for any possible publication from the north. do you dispute you. our intention to one in our foreign experts to you on the latest missile launch by north korea we have on the line doctor can tell you a senior research fellow at the korea institute for defense analysis the caregivers for joining us now are two missiles fired to be a provocation from the north it mean what are kenyans intentions. over a period that the period compared to knit for it and apparently show for it the tool to improve the capacity to strike the very strategic. our thought life compared to you over if the two of they will always be overlapping time the club had been connected to think that if the time gone. who of the united states history if he cannot
Feb 28, 2014 10:00am PST
to maneuver from the north some korean defense ministry said friday that north korea's lee business launched seems to have been planned to quit so the sorrows school's annual military drills in washington. the ministry said the north have five four projectiles which considering their speed and direction are presumed to have the true range scud missiles. this is the norm for scud missile launch in five years the laws also follows an incursion by a patrol boat over the de facto great time border within the two countries on monday. what's a seoul's defence minister said at that time was sent to test the south korean military. it is. given its timing coming right after the inter korean family re union suddenly ongoing key result rails. we believe that the north's missile launch was very intentional about time for publication the ministry said the south korean military is prepared for any provocations from the north. just hours before the launch so i propose around the red cross talks to resolve major units used include a reunion for families separated by the korean war. sold unification ministry
Mar 3, 2014 10:00am PST
under week in south korea's defense ministry condemned the move and said it is keeping a close watch for additional provocations upon some he has her top story. south korea's defence ministry remains on high alert after north korea fired by her belief that seemed to stretch the short range missiles into the east sea early monday morning the ministry said the missiles flew about five hundred km which means they can hit targets in south korea and japan. the lunch comes just days after the north fired four short range missiles from the same location. such launches of short range missiles by kenny and are a common part of its regular military trials but soul sees the latest string of law it is as an intentional provocation in protest against annual joint military exercises between south korea and the united states. under the company's north korea short range ballistic missile launch appears to be a typical two sided tactic. the north seems to be intentionally rationing of tensions by firing the missiles during the key result exercises. south korea views north from the sbc missed a lot sa
Mar 4, 2014 10:00am PST
to seven. the one spot in the morning of about fifty five km. defense ministry spokesperson timings of label tuesday's launch is as it was the act of aggression against the ongoing joint south korea and us military drills adding that they're keeping a close watch on the possibility of additional cup of tea sets and or craving team fired four short range missiles into its easter what this last thursday and then to scott's diesel range missiles on monday. the share price of the number of launches comes as north korea has been stepping up its rhetoric although washington early on tuesday for deploying its nuclear powered submarine to south korea's southern port city of poutine. as part of the joint military drills north korea's main internet based propaganda website which means if he called the man with a profit each in for a nuclear war against a communist country. you can even use. as south korea readies itself for a possible re unification of the korean peninsula. it is looking to germany for lessons on three a divided nation together for long so he sat down with the german economis
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5